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BWB Code of Conduct


We may not win the Grand Final, but we will always be the best TEAM in the competition!
What do we mean by this? 

It means that we place a real emphasis on the concept of team and on the behaviour and conduct of players, coaches and parents. We believe that the most valuable lessons kids might get from sport sometimes have nothing to do with winning or losing.
As a Warriors player, parent, or coach there is one golden rule that we prioritise above everything else:


We are always respectful of teammates, coaches, referees, and opposition…all of these people contribute to us being able to play basketball and we are grateful for that



We expect Bayside Warriors players to:

  • Always approach and acknowledge the coach when we arrive and when we leave training and matches

  • Listen when the coach talks and follow their instructions

  • Accept the decision of the referee, no talking back

  • Focus on the team and playing their role within the team

  • Pick up teammates when they fall over

  • High five teammates after they shoot free throws – make or miss

  • Make lots of noise and support teammates when on the bench. We can still help the team when we are off the court.

  • Give maximum effort – Warriors play hard at both ends of the floor

  • Shake hands with opposition and thank referees and scorers after the game


We expect Bayside Warriors Coaches to:

  • Place the safety and welfare of all players above all else

  • Teach understanding and respect for the rules and to accept the decisions of all referees

  • Encourage players to enjoy the game and have fun

  •  Encourage players to reach their potential with positive and constructive feedback

  • Model inclusive and respectful behaviours towards players, parents & carers, referee and the opposition


We expect Bayside Warriors Parents and or Guardians to:

  • Encourage your child to do their best and have fun 

  • Model appropriate behaviour towards everyone involved

  •  Respect the Coach’s role and their decisions and not to coach from the sidelines

  •  Respect the Referee’s role and their decisions

  •   Refrain from disparaging comments about players, opposition, coaches or referees 

  • Commit your child to attend all planned training sessions and games for the season.  If unavailable, advise the Team Manager as early as possible.


We expect Bayside Warriors Spectators to:

  • Be positive in your support for all players and do not disparage or criticise the effort or performance of others, including Coaches and Referees


The club expects that parents will help coaches by ensuring that their children understand these behaviours and by actively encouraging them to demonstrate them.

Any breaches of the Bayside Warriors Basketball Code of Behaviour will be dealt with at the discretion of the committee of management.  Depending on the nature and severity of breaches, consequences may include warnings, suspension or exit from the club.  


Please download BWB's Player's Code of Conduct here. 

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